March 26, 2019

Funding Resources

This section attempts to answer general legal and financial questions of immediate concern after a traumatic brain injury and diagnosis for brain injury survivors and their families.

Here, we try to summarize laws from across the nation. All information was verified from published, official sources in 2004. Space limitations
prevent describing all exceptions and conditions that may govern a
particular case.

In addition, each state has its own laws, and statutes and court interpretations may change at any time. Therefore, decisions
on individual legal matters should be based on current information and
be discussed with an attorney.

Use these materials as a starting point for guidance, not the basis for a final decision. Consult with an attorney for information about your specific case and the funding resources available.

View legal and financial options for TBI in the following sections:

Funding Resources Homepage
Legal Questions: Who Pays For Long Term Care?
Legal Questions: Health and Accident Insurance
Legal Questions: Workers Compensation
Legal Questions: Auto Insurance
Legal Questions: Defective Products
Legal Questions: Slip and Falls
Legal Questions: Government
Legal Questions: Guardianship
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