February 16, 2019

New Jersey Brain Injury Attorney

For anyone seeking compensation in New Jersey for a brain injury, the hiring of an experienced New Jersey brain injury attorney is vital. A well-qualified New Jersey attorney who is a specialist in brain injury law is an indispensable asset in gaining compensation from those causing the brain injury.

A brain injury can affect anyone at any age; however, males between 15 and 24 years of age are more vulnerable due to their high-risk lifestyles. Young children and individuals over 75 years of age are also more susceptible to brain injury.

Falls around the home are the leading cause of injury for infants, toddlers and elderly people. Violent shaking of an infant or toddler is another significant cause. The leading causes for adolescents and adults are automobile and motorcycle accidents, but injuries that occur during violent crimes are also a major source.

Before engaging a brain injury attorney in New Jersey, ask what experience they have with New Jersey brain injury law. Each jurisdiction may have its own laws particular to brain injury. An experienced New Jersey brain injury attorney is essential in receiving adequate compensation.

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