February 16, 2019

Ohio Brain Injury Attorney

When do you need a brain injury lawyer? It depends. First, there are several symptoms that point to brain injury such as:
Persistent headache and neck pain, ringing in your ears these signs are a few examples.

Ohio Information about TBI

*11,174 Estimated number of new incidences of TBI per year in Ohio
17.7% Mortality rate for TBI in Ohio in 1996
1977 Number of Ohioans who die of TBI each year
7768 Number of Ohioans who are hospitalized each year due to TBI
2590-3330 Number of Ohioans who are disabled each year due to TBI
74 Number of Ohioans each year who persist in vegetative state due to TBI
196,047 Number of people living in Ohio with long term disabilities as a result of TBI


Information provided by The Brain Injury Association of Ohio
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