February 16, 2019

Pennsylvania Head Injury Lawyer

A head injury occurs when the head is struck or hit by an external force. A head injury often results following a blow to the head in a car accident or fall. The blow may not be that hard to cause lasting problems; a minor concussion can have long-term consequences if brain neurons are damaged.

Long-term effects of a head injury may include cognitive deficits and a loss in physical and psychological skills. Physical problems may involve walking, balance and coordination, fine-motor skills and strength. The cognitive deficits may be difficulty in speaking and other communication, processing information, memory and perceptual skills. Some people suffering a head injury may show changes in personality and lifestyle.

Anyone in Pennsylvania receiving a blow to the head and who suffers any of these symptoms should see a doctor and contact a lawyer licensed in Pennsylvania.

The injured party, or their loved ones, if thinking about filing suit need to be informed about their legal options in Pennsylvania.

For a free case assessment to help you decide the right legal action to take, click on the link to the right. Someone will contact you, usually within one business day, concerning your rights.

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