Equip for Equality, Inc.

20 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60602
Phone(312) 341-0022

Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Advisory Council – Illinois Department of Human Services

100 S. Grand Avenue East, P. O. Box 19429, Springfield, IL 62794-9429
Phone(217) 782-2280
Phone – Hearing Impaired (TDD/TDDY)(866) 263-1754


Office of Mental Health DHS

100 S. Grand Avenue, 2nd Fl., Springfield, IL 62765
Phone(217) 524-6995

Office of Rehabilitation Services – Department of Human Services

100 South Grand Avenue, Springfield, IL 62762
Phone(217) 782-2094
Toll Free(800) 843-6154

Brain Injury Medicaid Program

Office of Rehabilitation Services, Illinois Dept. of Human Services, 400 W. Lawrence Street, P.O. Box 19429, Springfield, IL 62794
Phone(217) 524-5897
Program ManagerLyle VanDeventer


Brain Injury Association of Illinois

P.O. Box 64420, Chicago, IL 60664
Toll Free(800)699-6443 In State